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Public Sector

Doyle Alliance Group has been focused on the public sector since inception and, together with Acrisure, LLC, as an agency partner, represents more than 40 public entity clients in New Jersey alone. We successfully developed this niche market through our expertise and handling of every public entity in the area, including school districts, municipalities and authorities.  We provide a national strength through our network of resources servicing over 5,000 clients within the United States, while providing a local presence to service our growing list of the New Jersey public sector client base.

Scope of Services

We have experience managing benefit plans in the public sector with all funding arrangements, including traditionally funded insurance; minimum premium, level and self-funding; coalition and shared services pricing; and standalone prescription drug programs. Our services include financial analysis, collective bargaining negotiations, the budget and marketing process, and plan implementation. Our team members bring a wide array of experiences developed at many of the largest national brokerage and consulting firms,  as well as regional public entity niche brokerages where they were trained in underwriting and methodologies that many insurers utilize in their proposal and renewal practices for public and private sector employers. Our capabilities include:

  • Development of Long Range Health & Welfare Strategies
  • Budget Preparation
  • Renewal Planning and Marketing Process
  • Provider Network Analysis
  • Renewal and Proposal Negotiations
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations & Plan Design Capabilities
  • Contract & Plan Document Review
  • Invoice & Dependent Audit Reconciliation
  • Legislative Updates
  • Benefit Statements
  • Wellness / Nurse Line
  • Dedicated Customer Service & Call Center

Customer Support

Doyle Alliance Group routinely assists our clients with customer support services to aide employees and administrators with many aspects of ongoing employee inquiries and problem resolution.  These services begin with, but are not limited to:

  • Benefit Education
  • Open Enrollment Assistance
  • Provider Network Inquiries
  • ID Cards Request
  • Pre-Certification Assistance
  • Claim Resolution
  • Claims Appeals
  • Claim Form Assistance
  • Cobra Issues
  • NOCC Certificates

Contract Review

We perform full contract review regardless of whether actual insurance applies or only administrative services are provided.  We review all aspects of a client’s vendor contracts to verify accuracy and protect from unfavorable terms, as well as confirm these terms are met and implemented appropriately. Specifically, our analysis and recommendation includes a thorough review of the following areas:

  • Termination Provisions
  • No Loss/No Gain Provisions
  • Eligibility Provisions
  • IBNR Reserve Liability
  • Benefit or Coverage Exclusions
  • Actively-at-Work Provisions
  • Pre-existing Conditions Limitations
  • Contract Length
  • Automatic Renewal

Strategic Planning

Doyle Alliance Group works with the management team to establish short- and long-term goals related to benefit offerings based on budget constraints, risk tolerance, benefit level targets, collective bargaining agreements and administrative load.  Our goal is to provide clients with a strategic plan that identifies goals and can be consistently compared against the plan’s performance. By defining objectives and developing an action plan based on meeting those objectives, we ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling our clients’ benefit needs. Our services include ongoing evaluation of all plan characteristics, such as access, service, choice and price, to ensure proper balance is achieved. Strategic planning also shields our clients plan from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge.

Collective Bargaining

Because we handle several large New Jersey public entities, we’re uniquely qualified to provide information on recent collective bargaining issues and results. In addition, we have access to several other local collective bargaining contracts to assist our clients in benchmarking their current plans. When evaluating all options, it is important to consider the latest trends and changes in the private sector as well. Because our client base consists of public and private sector clients in the tri-state area, we can assist in bringing innovative ideas into the process. We also ask incumbent carriers to provide group-specific utilization reports illustrating high-utilization areas. This allows us to focus on recommending changes that can provide the greatest financial impact based on actual benefit utilization and future cost projections.

Custom Employee Contribution Calculator

Our predictive modeling not only illustrates expected renewal rate actions, but it also provides a full financial snapshot of the benefits plans, including current enrollment, contributions and expected contributions for the upcoming fiscal year based on every required contribution scenario. We incorporate actual census enrollment levels, employee salary, and date of hire to then load the data into our custom contribution calculator to gauge appropriate requirements of any current collective bargaining language and determine each employee’s actual and projected contributions. This provides an extremely accurate projection of true cost for budget preparation as well as over the life of a collective bargaining agreement.