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Group Medical Captives

Doyle Alliance Group is at the forefront of alternative self-funded strategies, and captives play an important role in allowing mid-sized employers realize the benefits of self-funding. Captives act as a shock-absorber to counteract the volatility that mid-sized employers typically experience with self-funding. In addition, employers can limit their risk by joining a captive and reap the many benefits of being an owner in an insurance company with other like-minded employers.

Through the use of group medical captives, many of our clients have made the switch to self-funding, which has provided them:


  • Healthcare savings between 10–15%
  • Full access to their healthcare data which allows employers to focus on impacting problem areas
  • Protection within the captive that eliminated the risk of lasers
  • Idea sharing among like-minded employers on how to impact healthcare costs
  • A mechanism for thinking strategically about healthcare costs vs. dealing with healthcare on a year to year basis

Learn more about our approach to group medical captives at Doyle Select.